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"Bud" is Not About the Bull$@#%!

Terence "Bud" Crawford

I have adopted a theory as it relates to people and it goes as follows: There are people that are peaceful, they are “not going to kill anything or let anything die”. Then there are those that talk a great deal. They “huff” and “puff” about what they will do if given the opportunity. However, they “wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight, and if they did the juice would kill them”. And then, you have “Sharks in the water”! Those are the people that are genuinely about the “action”, and ready for whatever may occur!

Boxer Terence “Bud” Crawford strikes me as the latter of the list. He presents as a quiet, and tranquil person for the most part, and then something clicks when pro-voked. There was an incident that took place recently which involved Crawford, and fellow boxer Jose Benavidez, Jr.

Jose Benavidez, Jr.

Benavidez felt that it would be a good idea to confront Crawford, and accuse him of avoiding a fight. I’m certain that Jose did not get the response that he was searching for from “Bud” Crawford. Check out the video below, to hear my thoughts on the situation. Also, please be sure Like, Comment, Share & Subscribe to the YouTube Channel. Follow me everywhere on Social Media!

-JuniorTheTruth, 2018

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