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Who's in Your Corner?

Who’s in Your Corner?

I felt inclined to reach through and beyond the sports realm on this particular blog. I was moved to emotion by the above picture. If you have not looked at it in detail, I will encourage you to do it now. Go ahead and look at it again (I’ll wait for you). The picture includes an exchange between a boxer (Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley) and his trainer (Teddy Atlas). The exchange takes place after Bradley’s final boxing match against Manny Pacquiao, which took place in April, 2016. Timothy Bradley lost the match very decisively. The significance of the fight is that it may very well have been the biggest one of Bradley’s stellar career thus far. The picture immortalizes the moment in which the fighter and trainer have and exchange of emotion. I will be honest, the picture took my breath away. It also raised the following question in my mind: “Who is in your corner?”

The question reaches beyond the world of sports and into our personal lives. Who is in your corner? If you are in the pursuit of happiness, success, love, etc. then who do you have in your corner for support? Whatever you may be trying to achieve in life, it is imperative that you surround yourself with those that will add value to the process. Also, it is just as important, that you keep an active inventory of your corner. Life can be difficult at times. When you are met with an obstacle, do you have people that will patch you up, give you tips, wipe your brow, and assure you that you can do it? Who’s in your corner?

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